Uptown-Downtown Chart View

         Uptown Downtown was the first map location for the Bootleg RP server. Made by Rainz2Much, the server included areas such as Uptown, Midtown, Downtown, Legitimate Businessman Blvd., Mine, Black Market Safezone, Restricted Area, Chances Farm, Last Chance Gas, Police HQ and the Soup Kitchen. Some of the memorable characteristics of this map was the medium size, incredibly large mine in the center, the oversized racetrack and the manhole covers used to buy items. On this map, near the Legitimate Businessman Blvd. which housed some of the larger mafia families, berry bushes could be found in the wild. Seen as well on this map was the use of the Harvester which was the tool one needed in order to turn refined berries into berry juice. Since this was a time before NPCs, the only way to sell juice was to other players in order to drink it and therefore, the rate of berry crime was much lower as the majority of the reason for growing was the thrill of comitting the crime and a possibility of someone buying juice for large amounts of experience.  
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